Organic Bath Tip - Chamomile Bath routine

After many visits to the doctors and dermatologist, my daughter was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. It’s a condition many babies experience but it’s expected to eventually pass as they grow. Some may experience this until their toddler years whilst others may experience until their teens.

It began when she was only 2 months old and I must admit it was one of the most dramatic moments in my life. The rashes started out so small that I began to think it had something to do with the skin products I was using or even the washing liquid I used for her clothes, so I went crazy and started buying all these fragrant free products. As a first-time mom, I depended so much on her paediatrician that I didn’t invest much on my own research to actually rule things out and find ways of spending as little as I could. Staking products became a problem and so did my daughter’s skin. As time passed, a simple red rash became an open wound and sometimes it would bleed due to the pressure caused in her sleep. As she would dig her face into her bedsheets, the wounds worsened and I panicked.

I remember going to the hospital in the middle of the night, panicking, because she wouldn’t stop crying and every time, I tried to clean the rashes with saline water, she would scream her lungs out. After just a few days, it spread throughout her body. Her doctor prescribed an atopic line (A-Derma Exomega - Bath emollient oil and Neutratopic Pro AMP – ISDIN emollient cream) that can be purchased online or some pharmacists but this alone didn’t solve the problem.

I started to dig deeper which included speaking to experienced parents and different doctors. I’m a huge supporter of natural remedies as it’s important to consider the fact that everything we put on our skin goes through to our blood stream. So, this eventually led me to trial and error with many natural ingredients. My mom told me about lavender oil but it didn’t work as efficiently as we thought it would so I then experimented adding chamomile tea to my daughter’s bath. It wasn’t initially used for her skin rash but to actually calm her down after an agitated day out. Just with the first bath, her skin started to get better and for my surprise, the products started to have a positive effect with it too. It all worked so well that I repeated this routine for at least 5 days in a row and by the end of the week, her skin was almost clear and she started to have better night sleeps. Since then, we’ve never experienced any more skin disasters and the good thing is, I’ve been able to control it better, especially in the winter where our skin goes under attack by the cold.

I’ve been able to adjust and perfect the use of chamomile in the bath for better results, keep in mind that the more concentrate and natural it is, the better. But since babies are very sensitive, it is very important to not exaggerate and find a balance with whatever works best with their bodies. I’m not a huge fan of the tea bags we usually get from the supermarkets so I buy dried-leaf chamomile flowers from organic herb stores. (below, I will list the places where you can order it from).

How to prepare the perfect chamomile bath for babies and also for you:

Preparation time: 5-10 minutes Difficulty: Easy

1. Boil some water and fill up your baby’s bathtub as normal.

2. Add a tea bag of chamomile or as I prefer, a teaspoon of dried-leaf chamomile flowers should do the trick.

3. Cover the bathtub with a towel and let it steep for at least 10 minutes.

4. Strain the water and check if the temperatures suitable for the baby. In case of it still being too hot, just add cold water and mix it very well. Make sure there are no hot spots.

Once the bath Is prepared, you can then proceed to bathe your baby with the usual products.