About - a little introduction 

Why Babyneema?
Although Babyneema is a personal project, it is with much love and affection that I come to share with all mothers, women and all those who are interested in reading and learning about the world of motherhood.


I started this project when I became a first-time mother but only now that I was a mother for the second time (in a space of 2 years) did I notice how important it is to read and learn from other mothers/women who are going through the same as well as for all those who are considering about becoming a mom. All of my experiences, whether positive, complicated or less good, can help a mother / mom-to-be / woman. It is worth emphasizing that each mother is different and that each one takes advantage of each situation in their own way. I'm a big enthusiast of mutual respect even if I don't see eye to eye with other people's customs and/or beliefs.


What will we see/read?
I will use this space and my Instagram (@_helenafrutuoso_) to share things from my daily life with my children. Here you will be able to read in more detail about each situation and on Instagram I will share as much as i find suitable of my daily experiences. I will do my best to address clearly each situation of what it means to be a mother, but also how important it is to be a woman. An independent woman.  


I will address topics such as health and education, but I also hope to have an interaction with other women so that I can learn new things and get help if I experience something new.


Who am I?

My name is Helena and I am the mother of a 2 year old princess named Lis and a 6 month old prince called Kyari. 


One of my educational background is 'Children's Development & Care'.


I am a ‘second trip’ mom with lots of things to share, but also a lot to learn. I go through adventures every day, some with inevitable difficulties, but always with a big smile (within my human possibilities of course) in which I always try to take up as much as i can and learn from.


I come with the purpose of creating a ´friendly-cloud´ where everyone can share their experiences and receive some support if they need to.